Yep, after a leaked image with pricing surfaced, Microsoft is confirming the Xbox Series S will cost at least $299.

It’s actually a great starting point if you ask me.

At this point, we all know these next-gen consoles are going to cost a pretty penny, so it’s nice to see a low-cost option available.

We’ve been anticipating and debating what the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X are going to cost, and at this point, we’re expecting between $500-600 when you factor additional accessories.

Microsoft and Sony are playing a cat and mouse game with each other in regards to pricing and launch date for their premium consoles.

From a corporate point of view, it’s understandable. Both companies are trying to get the leg up on the other, so they are playing a waiting game.

But from our point of view, it’s damn annoying.


Xbox Series S The Sweet Spot

Xbox Series S

The Xbox Series S is still going to play the same games as its older brother but without some of the more high-end features.

If you don’t care about 4K Blu-ray much, and you’re alright with the 512GB custom SSD this console might be for you.

It will still support things like DirectX ray tracing, and variable refresh rates.

I’ll be interested in seeing how ray tracing impacts the performance in regards to frame rates on the Series S, as it’s a lower spec machine.

The 4TF GPU won’t be as capable as the Series X’s 12TF GPU, and it’s less than the Xbox One X’s 6TF, so how are the games going to look?

I don’t think they’ll look terrible, but if you’re comparing the exact game side-by-side to the Series X or PS5, there’s going to be a noticeable difference.

And you’ll probably notice the difference without a side-by-side comparison.

Kind of like comparing 720p smartphone screens to 1440p QHD variants.

WalkingCat showcases the Xbox Series S in a tweet, and if this is the final version of the console, it looks ok but not great.

I don’t care much for the design, but for $299 it’s not going to be a deal-breaker.

As I stated before if you’re not concerned about playing modern titles in 4K res, then the Series S might be for you.

Especially if you’re a PC gamer, you might want to have a console to add to your collection.

Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass means you’ll still have access to console titles on your PC, so owning the next-gen console might not be at the top of your priority list.