At this year’s Pebble Beach car show, VW made an announcement many people have waited for the return of the Volkswagen Microbus. Instead of packing a traditional petrol engine, this time it will be an all-electric affair.

At this moment, this throwback hippie resurrection is being called the I.D. Buzz and is set for a 2022 release. Volkswagen has yet to confirm the name to which might be labelled as something entirely different in five years, but we’ll go with this for now.

I think VW made the right choice in focusing on electric power, 1. that scandal, and 2. a nostalgic vehicle such as this needs a zero-emissions profile to suit the product’s target market.

Major car manufacturers are increasingly moving towards electric cars as a reliable and viable option for the future.

VW I.D Buzz

Just look at Volvo and their plans for going fully electric and hybrid by 2019. That’s a significant commitment and a monumental move for an established car brand.

Love it or hate it, this is where the industry is headed. Soon we will live in a world dominated by autonomous, environmentally friendly, transportation technology. And speaking of driverless, the I.D Buzz is going to feature some of that self-driving capabilities.

It won’t be fully autonomous at the start, but that could change depending on how fast and secure the technology evolves.

There’s a commercial version in the works which might be a huge boon for delivery companies looking to save on fuel to lower costs. Maybe UPS might like the idea and put in for a few test vans with other businesses following suit.

However the Microbus remake pans out, VW needs to make this a hit. In fact, this might just be the one company on the planet now that needs to fully embrace the electric power trend to heal some of those wounds.