We’re getting obsessed with horsepower, top speeds and hypercars. It’s a fact that no one can deny. Cars are getting ludicrously fast, and if that’s not fast enough, slap on some turbos and get going. That’s all great, but what about the tuning heroes of the past? The real pioneers and those pushing the boundaries when they could be pushed. Today I’ll be revisiting on such a monster, the absolutely insane 9ff GTurbo 1200.

The Unknown Hero

Most of you probably never heard of 9ff, a German Porsche tuner that’s been around since 2001. There’s a reason for that, as they’re not really a commercial tuner so to say. Something you’ll understand by the end of this throwback. Personally, the GTurbo 1200 is just nuts in every possible way. I know that I’ve used a plethora of adjectives to describe a car, but it’s not just a car.

GTurbo Rear
Image Credit : topspeed.com

The GTurbo 1200 was the top-spec model of the GTurbo package. As with every other car that went through the treatment, it started out as a road-going 997 911 GT3 or GT3 RS. A considerable amount of carbon-fiber, titanium, aluminum, and individual touches, the 9ff GTurbo is born.

GTurbo Engine
Image Credit : topspeed.com

What makes the GTurbo 1200 so article worthy is the fact that it’s still super competitive and unmatched, even after almost 10 years of existence.

Mind-boggling Speeds

The reason for that is it’s 1200 hp 3.9 liter flat-six that breaths through a pair of water-cooled Garrett turbos. It might not sound like much, especially compared to the 2000 hp Evija or the mind-numbing Koenigseggs.

However, given that the GTurbo 1200 weighs just a smidge over 2700 pounds, it’s light enough to reach 62 mph in 2.8 s. Who even cares about 0-60 times nowadays, when every other car can get there in a fraction of second? What’s impressive is the 62-125 mph in 3.5 seconds and 125-187 in 5.2 seconds, as well as the 245+ mph top speed

Race Spec Everything

Of course, the lightweight characteristics, and the titanium equipped engine are not the only physical attributes responsible for such speeds. The GTurbo 1200 features a Holinger 6-speed manually operated sequential race gearbox that transfers power to the rear wheels via reinforced drive shafts. The gearbox also features race-spec stuff like automatic throttle cut on upshifts. I admit, most supercars and hypercars have throttle cut, but remember that the GTurbo is 10 years old. Back then we were still in the era of manual gearboxes.

GTurbo Exhaust
Image Credit ; topspeed.com

Bilstein suspensions took care of the driving feel, with electro-hydraulic power steering responsible for the feedback. Stopping the GTurbo 1200 probably isn’t slow, considering that the brakes and pads are stolen from Porsche’s race program. The pads are Porsche Supercup items, while the 380 mm front and 350 mm rear carbon-ceramic rotors are from the GT2.

The 9ff GTurbo 1200 Is Unmatched 

The GTurbo 1200 is a proper race car for the street. It’s just simple and effective, without too much hassle. Yes, if we compare it to the likes of current-gen top-dollar cars, it lacks some stuff, like a radio or air conditioning. On the other hand, it’s pure. It’s not meant to be driven by everyone like the Chiron or LaFerrari.

GTurbo Trans
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Yes, they’re fast, but your grandmother can drive it, while the 9ff GTurbo 1200 is a proper driver’s car. When it was new, it cost around $300k. It’s just unmatched at that price point, both then and now.